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Celebrate Europe Day with Flix - Embark on your next European adventure

+ The longest European Flix route spans 3,173.14 km and runs between Bucharest and Bordeaux. 
+ During the summer season, Flix offers over 2,000 destinations in Europe. 
+ The top five European destinations for the upcoming summer season are Berlin, Paris, Prague, Brussels, and Lisbon. 

Munich, 09/05/2023 – As Europe Day on May 9th approaches, Flix, the global provider of affordable and sustainable mobility, invites travelers to celebrate Europe by embarking on a memorable journey to the most popular European destinations in May. With Flix’s extensive intercity bus network in Europe and commitment to environmentally friendly mobility, travel enthusiasts can embark on their next adventure across Europe at an affordable price while minimizing their environmental impact.

Spearheading long-distance bus travel in Europe, Flix continues to connect passengers across the continent. Its longest route spans 3,173.14 km and connects the vibrant cities of Bucharest and Bordeaux, offering travellers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes of Eastern and Western Europe.

Flix proudly offers over 2,000 exceptional destinations in Europe during the summer season. This variety allows travelers of all types to experience different parts of Europe, from bustling cities to natural landscapes. Out of these 2,000 destinations, Flix has compiled a list of the top five European destinations to visit this May in celebration of Europe Day.


Most popular destinations according to highest number of passengers (per country)*

1. Berlin (2.1 million passengers) – Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan energy of Europe's coolest capital

With over 2.1 million passengers choosing Flix in 2022 to travel there, the German capital of Berlin tops our list. It’s no wonder why Berlin continues to draw millions of visitors every year: its multicultural texture and embrace of the cosmopolitan lifestyle have catalyzed its transformation into an inclusive hub for history, art, music, and food. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the world’s longest open-air gallery at the site of the former Berlin Wall: the East Side Gallery. With Flix, passengers can reach Berlin directly from 366 cities and arrive at one of 8 conveniently located bus stops within the city limits.

2. Paris (2 million passengers) – Indulge in a plethora of romantic ambiances with glamorous views

‘Paris is always a good idea’ – a saying that we often hear. With nearly 2 million Flix passengers traveling to the ‘City of Love’ last year, it seems that this saying is still relevant. Stroll along beautifully designed streets lined with gorgeous facades, hop from the Louvre to the Musee d’Orsay, or simply grab a baguette and a bottle of fine wine to relax while enjoying gorgeous views of the Seine. Fun fact: if you’re an art fiend, make sure to allow enough time to see the Louvre because it would take 200 days to see every single piece of art there. Traveling to Paris with Flix offers convenience: with direct access from 360 cities, including London, and the ability to stop at one of 9 bus stops in Paris, passengers are provided with a unique opportunity to explore the city.

3. Prague (1.2 million passengers) – Explore dazzling medieval architecture in the city of a hundred spires

Boasting winding cobblestone streets, towering spires, and extravagant bridges, Prague attracted around 1.2 million Flix passengers in 2022. Its historic center has been designated a world heritage site; the former capital of Bohemia doesn’t have to try hard to fascinate its visitors. Catch the sunset by Charles Bridge, climb up to Prague Castle and don’t forget to sip on some Czech beer. Have a thing for astrology? The still-operating 600-year-old astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall is the world’s oldest of its kind. Sitting in the heart of Europe, Prague can be reached directly from 344 cities via Flix. Passengers have the option to stop at one of 8 bus stops in the city, making it an accessible and convenient transportation option for travelers.

4. Brussels (800,000 passengers) – Dive deep into European bureaucracy as you crunch on waffles and chocolate

B is for beer, bureaucracy, and Brussels! Home to many of the European Union’s institutions, the de facto capital of Europe was chosen by 800,000 travelers as a destination. This city is special on our list: In honor of Europe Day on May 6th, the European institutions in Brussels will open their doors to the public. Fancying sweets while you’re there? The city has been named the ‘Chocolate Capital of the World’ and has over 2,000 chocolate shops. You can discover the enchanting charm of Brussels with Flix’s direct routes from 176 destinations and with 4 convenient bus stops.

5. Lisbon (750,000 passengers) – Visit where the Atlantic meets continental Europe

Europe’s westernmost capital will greet you with a pleasant “Ola!” Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River, Lisbon was the last stop on roughly 750,000 Flix passengers’ itineraries last year. With its picturesque neighborhoods, golden beaches, rolling hills, and incredible food – what’s not to love for a summer getaway? Discover a wealth of history: Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe, predating other major cities like London, Paris, and Rome by centuries. Lisbon is directly connected to 93 other European cities through the efficient and reliable Flix transportation network. With 2 conveniently located bus stops, accessing Lisbon’s city center is pretty simple.

Flix is excited to continue providing budget-friendly and unforgettable journeys for all kinds of adventurers this upcoming summer, just like it does every season of the year. Flix’s highly networked intercity bus and train services, which prioritize sustainability and affordability, are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for collective mobility solutions in 2023. 

*Flix internal data, 2022


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