Better, sustainable connections: Flix supports the European Mobility Week, the Car-Free Day and the Global Climate Strike

The future of mobility needs collective and sustainable alternatives to fight climate change


+ Flix opens up the opportunity for all employees to take part in local climate strike initiatives 

+ Flix actively supports the European Mobility Week and has registered several MobilityActions – contributing to better, sustainable connections 

+ As a pioneer in sustainable mobility, Flix teams up with different partners to pilot various alternative drives 

The third week of September marks some important milestones when it comes to awareness-raising regarding climate change. The European Mobility Week (celebrated between 16-22 September), the World Car Free Day (22nd September) as well as the Global Climate Strike (23rd September) all aim at promoting behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions, among others. 

 The theme of this year’s Mobility Week is “Better connections” – and that is at the heart of our business. While growing our sustainable, shared transportation network (Flix has added more than 12,000 new connections from February to August this year) we do not only have a positive impact on the environment but also on society by connecting people and places. We have always believed in building a sustainable future for the mobility sector. FlixBus and FlixTrain are green in more ways than one – all FlixTrain trains are powered 100% by green electricity, while large part of our bus fleets are made up of Euro 6 coaches, the most fuel-efficient and eco-friendly of its kind. Coaches move many people all at once, which is kind to the environment, and in Europe results in emitting only 26 g of CO2 per passenger kilometre – which is five times less than travelling by car and even ten times less than when boarding a plane. We are now leading the way in developing a sustainable eco-system which encapsulates efficient operations and vehicles, using technology to transform the transport industry. We have invested in a diverse portfolio of alternative drive projects to reduce emissions, including Europe’s first biogas-powered buses, E-buses in the USA, Portugal, France and Germany, and solar-panel-equipped buses in the Netherlands and Spain. One of our most exciting new developments in sustainable mobility is in progress with Freudenberg and ZF, creating the first hydrogen-powered long-distance buses, which will launch in 2024.  

Flix’s commitment to the environment also stretches to the consumer, as we offer our passengers to offset any CO2 emissions from their personal journeys through NGO atmosfair. With a simple click, our passengers cannot only compensate the exact emissions of their trip but also make a direct impact on sustainable living in different communities. 75% of the passengers’ climate contribution are used to fully compensate the emissions associated with the trip by financing fuel-efficient cookstoves in rural Rwanda. The remaining 25% flow into the “Future of Mobility Fund” set up together by Flix and atmosfair, to drive sustainable mobility and decarbonization in the cities and communities where we operate. 

Moreover, Flix employees are personally committed to sustainable mobility. 80 % of Flix employees either walk, cycle or use public transport to commute to work – that’s true for 75% of the time throughout the year, not only on Car-Free Day.*  

Furthermore, it has become a tradition for Flix employees to participate in the Climate Strikes globally. This year is no different. Flix encourages all employees to join local events and make their voice heard, even if the demonstration happens during regular working hours. 

*Data collected in an internal survey conducted in September 2022 among 355 Flix employees, referring to commuting in 2022.   

 Note: to find out more about the individual actions Flix has registered for, click on “More information” at the bottom of the individual European Mobility Week sub-pages that are linked in the text. 

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