FlixBus provides humanitarian aid for Ukraine


+ More than 20,000 refugees brought to destinations across Europe

+ FlixBuses have so far transported around 20 tons of relief supplies to people in need

+ " We stand ready to support the governments in their efforts to provide safe transport to refugees," says Daniel Krauss, CIO at FlixMobility

Munich, March 14th, 2022 – FlixBus and its bus partners have been providing humanitarian aid since the attack on Ukraine. In addition to offering more connections and free rides for refugees, FlixBus also transports relief supplies for people in need. The green long-distance bus provider is urging politicians to include FlixBus in the planning for government-organized relief rides in order to work together to help refugees.

Uncomplicated and immediate help

FlixBus its employees and partners have been working continuously for Ukraine since February 25th. In total, FlixBus has already brought more than 20,000 refugees to destinations all over Europe – including Poland, Romania, and Germany. Within a few hours, the company offered additional connections from the Polish-Ukrainian and Romanian-Ukrainian borders, which are still in use today. For refugees from Przemyśl and Rzeszów in Poland and from Suceava and Tulcea in Romania, FlixBus offers free rides, which were collected through an employee initiative and doubled by the management. In the meantime, 6,500 free rides for refugees have been collected. In addition, private individuals, companies, aid organizations and the embassies of various countries have supported FlixBus in transporting relief supplies and refugees.

" We stand ready to support the governments  in their efforts to provide safe transport to refugees," says Daniel Krauss, CIO at FlixMobility. "With our large network and our hundreds of bus partners, we are able to mobilize up to 1,000 buses that can take people to places with enough housing."

No empty ride – FlixBus transports relief supplies

FlixBus also transports relief supplies to the people in need. Together with its partners, the company has delivered a total of 20 tons of relief goods to and across the Ukrainian border. The green buses bring urgently needed goods as well as medicine, baby food, water and groceries to those who have been waiting there for days. "I am particularly proud of our team in these times. Whether it is the initiative to donate free tickets, to actively help on site or to collect relief supplies in our offices: Our team is showing full commitment," says Daniel Krauss.


About FlixMobility

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