Global Climate Strike: FlixMobility-team in action for climate protection

Sustainable mobility as a cornerstone for battling climate change


+ Fridays for Future calls for the Global Climate Strike on 24 September 2021

+ FlixMobility actively motivates its worldwide teams employees to participate in the global climate strike during working hours

+ As a pioneer of sustainable mobility, FlixMobility will continue to actively influence climate protection in the future

Climate Graphic FlixMobility

The Corona pandemic has brought the activities of Fridays for Future (FFF) to a short standstill. But now, the international climate protection movement is back on the streets: on 24 September 2021, FFF is calling for a Global Climate Strike under the slogan #uprootthesystem. Millions of people are expected at more than 1,200 locations around the world to raise their voices to call for climate protection. Among them will be many convinced strikers from the staff of FlixBus and FlixTrain, both experts for sustainable mobility.

Since its foundation, FlixMobility defines itself as a global pioneer of the green mobility revolution. This is driven by the consistent use and focused development of sustainable technologies. For instance, long-distance buses of FlixBus are rated as one of the most sustainable means of public transport in the world thanks to optimized fuel consumption. FlixTrains operated in Germany and Sweden are carbon-zero and climate-friendly thanks to the use of pure green electricity from wind and waterpower. Since July 2021, FlixMobility has been operating climate-friendly biogas-powered FlixBuses on two European long-distance routes and is also continuing to research and develop new green technologies. The foundation of the company's strategy to make travel climate-friendly and affordable for people at the same time is made possible by a first-class international Flix-team.

This strong workforce shows solidarity with the Fridays for Future movement and joins the global climate strike to march for the climate. FlixMobility motivates its team to participate in the climate marches on a voluntary basis - and with the full belief that climate protection must have the highest priority for politics, business and consumers.