O'zapft is’! The Best 2018 Oktoberfest Celebrations Around Europe

The largest folk festival in the world will soon be underway, with more than six million people flocking to Germany, to celebrate the 208th annual Oktoberfest. While the main celebration of Bavarian culture and beer is held in Munich – home of the FlixBus headquarters – from September 22-October 7, similar German-style parties are held around Europe – and FlixBus can take you to each.

The Top 10 Oktoberfest Celebrations Around Europe

  1. Munich Oktoberfest: The original! Join millions of visitors from around the globe as they celebrate daily from 10am on weekdays (9am on weekends) until 11:30pm. Visiting the Oktoberfest itself is free; the carnival-like rides can be enjoyed with paid tickets.
  1. London: October 4-14 (Millwall Park) and 18-31 (Finsbury Park). This year, London will celebrate two Oktoberfests, one traditional-style in early October followed by a “Halloween Special” Oktoberfest. Enjoy traditional German beer, bratwurst and the blue and white-clad tents from the heart of London. Tickets range from free admission to VIP tables for £480.
  1. Paris: October 4-13. Croissants and Champagne are replaced with pretzels and beer as Paris hosts an Oktoberfest celebration with Munich-style gastronomy, music and general fanfare. Tickets start at €34.
  1. Genova: September 6-23. This Oktoberfest has some special flair with events such as the Oktoberfest Olympics (think mug lifting and hat shooting), Family Weekend and an “Oktoberband” concert series. Entrance is free; beer is not!
  1. Copenhagen September 20-22 and 27-29. This Scandinavian-located Oktoberfest promises all of the Bavarian culture over two separate weekends. Additionally, party-goers can rent Dirndl and Lederhosen at the event itself! Entrance to the event is free, but seat reservations – which include limited beer – begin at kr. 200 with a special student night on September 20 for only kr. 50.

Rounding out our Top 10 EU Oktoberfests are: Oslo, Stockholm, Marseille, Budapest and Madrid.

Visitors from Austria to Croatia FlixBus-ing to the Wiesn

People from around the world journey to the Wiesn to take part in the consumption of Bavarian beer in the traditional Maßkrug (liter mug). The most visitors that travel to the Munich Oktoberfest with FlixBus come from around Germany. Amongst non-German nations, the Top 10 Foreign Countries in 2017 being: 1. Austria, 2. Switzerland, 3. Italy, 4. Czech Republic, 5. Croatia, 6. France, 7. Slovenia, 8. The Netherlands, 9. Hungary, and 10. Belgium.

Visitors that arrive by bus to the Munich Central Station have only a five-minute walk to the Oktoberfest grounds. Don’t know how to get there? Simply follow the crowds of dirndl and lederhosen-clad people.

For more Oktoberfest tips including how to dress and speak like a true Bavarian, visit the FlixBus Oktoberfest Page.