With growth comes responsibility. We are ready to take it!

At Flix, we are aware that all our actions produce an impact. This is true for the people as well as the environment and the wider communities we serve with our global mobility network.

And just as with worldwide presence comes responsibility, we need to make sure that we can constantly assess this impact to be able to create long-term value for our stakeholders and at the same time reduce our footprint.

This is why we embed sustainability in the core of our business and across our activities, embracing ESG as a guiding overarching framework. Our first voluntary ESG report is a key part of this process.

Full report available for download HERE

With this report, we set a crucial starting point for progressive improvement in the areas where we can make an impact, and we commit to even more transparency towards our stakeholders.

The areas addressed were identified with a double materiality analysis and refer to the four pillars that back our ESG strategy: People, Planet, Mobility, and Governance as an underlying foundation.

Double materiality


With this double materiality analysis, we closely examined the most material sustainability topics for us from both inside-out and outside-in impacts: namely, the impact of Flix on the economy, society, and the environment and, conversely, the impact of the topic on the long-term success of the Company.

Recent high impact events, such as the accelerating climate change, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have also had a role in shaping our ESG strategy, making it even more central.

Indeed, although we have always regarded sustainability as a crucial element of our business, such events have made it increasingly urgent to address the needs arising from society and the planet.

Reporting on our results will now help us get one step closer to our goal of reshaping mobility to make sustainable, affordable travel available to all and thus create value for the wider society.

By progressively measuring our improvement, we can act as a catalyst for virtuous development in the communities we serve, and we are impatient to bring our contribution to the next level.

We do not want to rest and be happy with the status quo, so we know it is going to be a continuous marathon for improvement. But we are ready to run it and confident that we will keep up the pace.


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Our vision


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Flix is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. Since 2019, the Company has increased its initiatives to combat climate change. As fleets and transportation account for the majority of its energy usage and carbon footprint, Flix is conscious of the natural resources it consumes and seeks to control them throughout its operations. Flix aims at offering carbon neutral travel by 2040 in Europe, thus decarbonizing its business even ahead of the timeline set by the EU. Globally, the Company plans to define a timeline for carbon neutrality within the next two years, according to its SBTi progress and global CO2 reduction scheme with the goal to meet or exceed the Paris agreement goals timewise. The global goal will also be determined by the evolving regulatory framework and the further development of alternative drives, in which Flix is also actively taking part.

In 2023, the Company publicly committed to SBTi to establish near-term science-based emission reduction targets as the first crucial step.

In 2022, Flix conducted the first quantitative and qualitative climate scenario analysis to comprehensively assess material climate risks and opportunities and derive short- to long-term impacts on business, in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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As a company operating across 40 countries, Flix is aware that its actions are bound to impact everyday life in a wide range of contexts and groups of interests, from passengers to bus drivers to the internal employees. At Flix, caring for people does not only imply granting them a safe and inclusive environment: on a higher level, it entails placing the human being as the very core of the business strategy, acknowledging wellbeing as one of its fundamental assets.

People (1)


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Since 2013, Flix has been transforming how individuals travel by building Europe’s biggest long-distance bus network under the FlixBus brand. More recently, it added its train network under the FlixTrain brand and expanded the FlixBus service to the Americas and Türkiye and also India in 2024. The Company’s goal is to provide smart, sustainable mobility for everyone who wishes to travel by offering convenient, affordable, environmentally responsible travel experiences through a straightforward booking process and expanding offering.

Flix is constantly looking into alternative drives and fuels to reduce its carbon footprint via progressive Fleet Transformation. Although a final technology for carbon neutral long-distance bus operations is not yet available, the Company takes a diversified approach and has been testing five alternative fuel and drive technologies with more than 10 pilots in Europe and US in the past few years, namely battery electric buses, Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG, biodiesel and solar panels. Flix also plans to launch Europe’s first hydrogen-powered long-distance coach in 2024, in partnership with Freudenberg Fuel Cell e-power Systems and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and electric coaches in 4 years with Daimler Buses. Besides, Flix’s first bio-LNG reference fleet will begin at the end of 2023 with the goal of scaling up to 50 Flix coaches with Bio-LNG technology within two years. Such projects showcase Stakeholder Engagement and cross-sector synergies, which are crucial to the sustainability goal.

Destinations (2)

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Flix offers customers an accessible, sustainable, and affordable travel option. Customer satisfaction refers to connecting corporate operations, product and service offerings with customer demands. In order to provide its customers with a better travel experience, Flix considers the demands and preferences of its consumers and offers more user-friendly features in its products. As a result, customer satisfaction increases loyalty to the Company. This has an effect on customer decisions by increasing the possibility of rebooking with Flix.


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Enabling sustainable and affordable travel for everyone remains at the core of Flix’s vision, which is first and foremost reflected in the Attention for Underserved Communities: Flix reaches over 5,500 destinations in 40 countries (447 of which joined the network in 2022), 30% have less than 20,000 inhabitants, with a ratio above average in countries like Croatia (78%), Poland (41%) or Italy (40%). By continuously expanding its global network, also in remote areas where FlixBus is often the sole means of collective transportation, Flix can play a major role in safeguarding people’s freedom of movement.




Flix firmly believes in strong governance as the necessary backbone of all its business activities. It therefore encourages and enforces strict adherence to all relevant national, international, state and local laws, and abides by strict corporate ethical standards to generate long-term value, its Global Compliance Management System and a new Data Protection Management System being but two of the measures implemented in this respect.

Flix’s Global Compliance Management System includes a Global Code of Conduct for employees, a Code of Conduct for Business Partners, various policies as well as the implementation of a Whistleblowing program. A new Data Protection Management System (DMS) was launched in 2022. Regarding ESG governance, The Flix Sustainability Steering Committee is the oversight body on ESG strategy, ESG risks and performance as well as setting the ESG agenda and goals for Flix Group. It is composed of all members of the Management Board and executive management and meets every three months for an ESG update and upon request.

Strong Governance acts as an underlying pillar to those of Planet, People and Mobility and a prerequisite for all actions pursued within their scope.