Team + Leadership


The Founders

Daniel Krauss, CIO

Daniel Krauss, CIO, is responsible for all technological aspects of FlixMobility including Business Intelligence, Online Product, Infrastructure and Software Engineering. During his studies, he founded a successful IT startup with classmate André Schwämmlein. He eventually sacrificed his long-time job at Microsoft – and his car – to create the world's largest long-distance mobility provider.

Jochen Engert, CEO

Jochen Engert is Co-CEO of FlixMobility and is responsible for Corporate Development & Strategy as well as Human Resources. Prior to launching FlixMobility, Jochen worked as a Strategy Consultant for Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Germany, where he met André Schwämmlein.

André Schwämmlein, CEO

André Schwämmlein is Co-CEO and oversees the company’s Business Development, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Network & Pricing, Public Affairs and Corporate Communications.

From the Idea of Three Founders to a Team of 3,000+ Across 18 Countries

Daniel, Jochen and André wanted to change the way people travel. When they learned of the deregulation of the long-distance bus market in Germany, they jumped on the opportunity to do just this and launched FlixBus in 2013. Since then, FlixMobility has grown from just the FlixBus brand to also include FlixTrain and FlixCharter. Together, these entities employ more than 3,000 people in 19 office across 17 countries. In addition, FlixMobility partners with more than 300 bus and train partners that employ over 10,000 drivers on behalf of the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands.