Top 20 FlixBus Destinations In 2019

Did you manage to tick off everything on your bucket list 2019? It’s time to plan your new adventures! We’ve got you covered with a list of FlixBus most popular destinations: there’re some timeless classics as well as new favorites. And all of them are conveniently connected by FlixBus routes.  

Check out some tips for your future winter travels in the FlixBus network.

Top two classics 

In this year's Global Destination Cities Index Report, Paris ranks third among the world's most popular destinations with over 19 million visitors. No wonder, a trip to the city of love is always a good idea. Whether it’s an ice rink near the Eiffel tower or a cute Christmas market in Montmartre – there’re plenty of things that could easily fit into a short 48-hour trip with FlixBus to Paris. 

Flix Insider Tip: If you’re in Paris ten days before New Year, visit the Musée des Art Forains that opens for tourists exclusively during this period to hold pompous Le Festival de Merveilleux.  

Berlin has so many sides to it that even the holiday season can be experienced differently. The Saunafloß (sauna raft), may be a true highlight of your trip. This sauna is literally floating which means you can enjoy the heat while looking out onto the river. FlixBus connections to Berlin are already available from over 450 destinations in Europe. 

Flix Insider Tip: For all cinema lovers looking for an unusual experience, we recommend The Babylon, a vintage theatre that screens new movies as well as silent films accompanied by a live orchestra. 

Top two surprises 

Warsaw is a well-known travel destination but in 2019 one more Polish city, Kraków, was chosen as a favorite. Kraków offers some must-visit places like Tytano Dolne Młyny, a complex of buildings in a former tobacco factory and a popular event venue. It’s 5000 m² filled with galleries, fashion boutiques, coworking offices, cafes and pubs – in other words, the city within the city.  

Flix Insider Tip: Consider visiting the spectacular salt mines in Wieliczka: it’s just a short FlixBus trip away from Kraków and ticket prices start from 0,99 ct.  

Dresden is one more surprise in the FlixBus network this year. Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, Dresden is in our Top 20 list. Dresden is one of many East German cities where you can still follow the traces of the GDR culture. Those who have always wanted to take a seat behind the wheel of a cult Trabant car should not miss the Trabi Safari.  

Flix Insider Tip: The best sights of the city can be explored in an entertaining way during winter. Spend your evening in the comfort of one of the numerous bars or restaurants like Bautzner Tor.  


Full list of Top 20 FlixBus destinations:  

Berlin, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Prague, Vienna, Rome, Frankfurt, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stuttgart, Lyon, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Kraków, Dresden, Cologne, Budapest, Wrocław.