Flix Annual General Meeting appoints two new independent Supervisory Board members

+++ Monique Meche and Marianne Heiss appointed as new Supervisory Board members  

+++ Achim Berg confirmed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

+++ Ian Osborne and Dr. Michael Hecker to retire from the Supervisory Board effective June 27, 2023 

Munich, June 27, 2023 - Flix SE today announced the new line-up of its Supervisory Board. In addition to its existing Supervisory Board members Achim Berg (General Atlantic), Jochen Engert (SEK Ventures), Christoph Jung (HV Capital), Stefan Dziarski (Permira), John Doran (TCV) and Jörn Nikolay (General Atlantic), two new independent members, Marianne Heiss, and Monique Meche, were appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Together, they complement the existing portfolio of the Board with proven expertise in the areas of brand building, ​market expansion, ​public affairs, and ​communications ​as well as extensive financial knowledge. Their mandate is for three years, whereas that of the existing members is for two years. 

At the same time, Dr. Michael Hecker and Ian Osborne will leave the Board. At its constitutive meeting, the newly formed Supervisory Board confirmed Achim Berg as Chairman. 

"I am very much looking forward to working with the newly formed supervisory board," says André Schwämmlein, co-founder and CEO of Flix. "On the one hand, the board stands for many years of continuity and now, Monique Meche and Marianne Heiss will bring in their significant operational and strategic expertise adding new professional impulses. With both having proven ESG track records, Flix will further develop our ESG strategy, goals, and governance." 

Monique Meche

Two new female and international supervisory board members at Flix SE 

With Monique Meche and Marianne Heiss, the Flix Supervisory Board will in future include two new independent members.  

Monique Meche, 53 years old, is a dual American and Irish citizen with a 25-year career in corporate affairs and communications and has supported successful market expansion for some of the most innovative global technology companies. She also serves as a Board Director for GoFundMe. Most recently, she served as Senior Vice President at Zalando responsible for Corporate Affairs, Communications and Public Policy. Prior to that, she served as Twitter’s Vice President, Global Public Policy and Philanthropy and as Vice President of Global Public Policy at Netflix, and prior to that, led Amazon’s international public policy work from 2013-2017 as Vice President. Monique Meche spent her early career at Intel and Cisco in Europe and Japan.  

Monique commented: „I’ve always been inspired by Flix’s commitment to making mobility safer, greener, more affordable, and delightful, and so I’m thrilled to join their Supervisory Board.”  

Marianne Heiss

Born in Austria, the 50-year old Marianne Heiss has held various management positions for BBDO Group Germany and BBDO Worldwide both nationally and internationally over the past 27 years, most recently as CEO for four years, prior to that as CFO in different European countries. Marianne Heiss was a member of Omnicom's Environmental Sustainability Core Team in New York and has been a strong advocate for diversity and the advancement of women in business in Europe for many years. Marianne Heiss is a finance, accounting, auditing, international management, strong brand building, and CSR expert. Since 2018, she has also been a member of the Supervisory Boards of Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, and Porsche SE. For Porsche SE, she additionally acts as an expert for ESG (environmental social governance) on the supervisory board. Marianne Heiss studied Corporate Accounting and Management in Wiener Neustadt and spent her early years in finance.  

Commenting on her new role at Flix Marianne Heiss says: „Flix is both, an extraordinary success story and an outstanding brand that knows how to successfully and consistently drive innovation, both nationally and internationally. I am very excited to shape the growth and future of a visionary and sustainable company together with the Flix team”

The newly appointed Supervisory Board will work closely with the Flix SE Management Board around André Schwämmlein, Daniel Krauss (CIO), and Christoph Debus (CFO) in an advisory and supervisory role. 


Flix pioneers long-distance public transportation by offering climate-friendly alternatives for convenient and affordable travel through its FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, Flix has built Europe's largest long-distance bus network in a very short time and is also present in the United States, Canada, and Brazil with FlixBus. As a pioneer in sustainable transport, Flix launched the first green long-distance trains with FlixTrain in 2018, initiated a pilot project for all-electric long-distance buses in the same year, and introduced the first biogas-powered long-distance buses in the EU in 2021. 

While Flix handles technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing and sales, quality management and continuous product expansion, proven Flix partners take care of daily route operations. The unique combination of technology start-up, e-commerce and classic transport company has positioned Flix as a market leader vis-à-vis major international corporations and has permanently changed the global mobility landscape. For more information, visit the Newsroom.