Flix joins the Future Mobility Taskforce

Flix has been part of shaping the way we travel long distances in Europe for a good part of the last 11 years, but we still see so much more potential for the mobility of people to improve even more.  

That is why we are excited to join the newly created Future Mobility Taskforce comprised of 18 of Europe’s most influential mobility companies and startups.  

Last week, 16 CEOs and founders, including André Schwämmlein from Flix, from Europe's most influential private mobility companies and startups, , launched the EU Future Mobility Taskforce in a meeting with the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean.  

Future Mobility Taskforce

What is the Future Mobility Taskforce? 

The taskforce unites 18 companies across shared mobility, EV charging, maglev, rail, coach, cargo, and air mobility sectors, in the field of transport innovation and deep-tech. Companies united in the taskforce share the common goal of introducing new solutions to meet increased consumer demand and to make mobility more sustainable, affordable, and connected. 

The primary goal of the EU Future Mobility Taskforce is to inform and provide guidance to EU policymakers for the next legislative mandate in the area of innovation and startups in the transportation sector. The taskforce's first input will be a comprehensive report that encapsulates the collective insights and recommendations of its members, which will be presented to Commissioner Vălean in Spring.  

We believe this will be an important step towards a future where European innovation in mobility will be fostered to ensure Europe’s continued leadership in global transport innovation. 

Continuing European success in mobility

While Europe has been a pioneer in mobility advancement, the continent faces challenges in fully leveraging next-gen solutions alongside existing ones and scale these innovations globally. The EU Future Mobility Taskforce aims to provide guidance to EU policymakers for the next legislative mandate in the area of innovation and startups in the transportation sector. 

Common challenges across the mobility industry include outdated and fragmented regulations, lack of enforcement, market entry barriers, lack of finance, and data accessibility.  

These challenges pose a threat to the continued success of European companies in the mobility sector, something that the Taskforce wants to address with their planned report with suggestions and guidance for the EU to tackle the issues.  

Why is Flix part of the Future Mobility Taskforce? 

We want travellers to get the best, most sustainable, and well-connected travel experience possible. To do that, we need to address the above challenges to ensure that every company can compete on equal footing be it in rail, road, land, or sea.  

To us, competition is one of the keys to further foster innovation and improvement in the industry and we therefore want to be a part of providing our inputs and learnings on how we can create a framework that allows new challengers to compete on an equal footing across the EU.  

That is how we will ensure continued European leadership in mobility at European and  global level.  

Who is part of the Future Mobility Taskforce, and can others join? 

The companies who have already joined the initiative are (alphabetically): Aura Aero, Bolt, Cabify, CARTO, Dronamics, EVBox, EV Connect, Fastned, Flix, Lilium, MaasGlobal, Nevomo, OTIV, Volocopter, Voi, Virta.  

Flix encourages like-minded organizations to come together and be a part of this taskforce toward shaping the future of mobility in Europe.