Flix reports strongest results for summer season

34 million carried passengers in Q2/Q3 2022

+   In a record-breaking summer season, from April 1st until September 30th, Flix has more than doubled the number of carried passengers globally, compared to the same period last year  

+   In Q2 and Q3 2022, the travel-tech company has run over 1,600 lines across the globe, allowing customers to reach over 3,000 destinations via Flix services – FlixBus, FlixTrain, Greyhound and Kamil Koc. 

+   The travel sector is confidently recovering from the COVID 19 restrictions, demonstrating the rising importance of affordable and sustainable mobility, in the words of André Schwämmlein, CEO. 

Infographic summer season 2022

Flix, the global provider of sustainable and affordable travel options, operating in 39 countries, reports a record-breaking summer season result (Q2/Q3 2022). Thanks to the strong returning demand for travelling after the pandemic and the rising importance of shared and climate-friendly mobility, Flix has grown the number of carried passengers by 130% across the globe for the period April – September 2022, compared to the same period last year. The recovery of the Flix business is driven by its global expansion and passenger numbers are even above pre-pandemic levels in 2019 for the Flix group. 

Flix has allowed over 34 million travelers to reach globally more than 3,000 destinations in Europe, North America, Türkiye and Brazil, and has delivered a profitable summer season result on a group level.  

I am very proud that Flix is back stronger than ever after the pandemic, demonstrating that our constant efforts towards sustainable recovery have paid off. We keep fostering our strategy to drive the future of mobility in a profitable and sustainable way. Investing into our expansion to Brazil, the US, Canada, Portugal, and the Baltics during the pandemic, proved to be another bold and successful step towards our vision of offering affordable and sustainable mobility for everyone around the globe.  

André Schwämmlein, CEO of Flix

In the summer season 2022 Flix has connected over 3,000 destinations globally providing one of the largest networks of sustainable and affordable mobility. 

Flix Europe 

All major Flix markets in Europe recovered well from the pandemic and have grown significantly versus 2021. Largest markets for Flix are Germany, Italy, France and Poland. Based on Flix’ strong commitment for the region, FlixBus Ukraine has provided additional connections and consequently noted the highest relative passenger growth in this period.  

Flix North America  

Flix SE launched Flix North America Inc. in July 2022 in order to steer the two operating entities FlixBus Inc. and GLI (Greyhound Lines Incorporated) towards providing the best customer experience across the US, Canada and Mexico. During the high season 2022, FlixBus and Greyhound connected approximately 1,400 destinations, building the backbone of land-based, environmental-friendly travel options in North America. 

Flix North America reports a 30% growth in carried passengers for the high season 2022 vs same period last year. 

Facing increasing inflation and fuel prices, Flix is aware of the rising importance of affordable and sustainable mobility. We will continue investing our efforts into growing the Flix network and developing new sustainable alternative drives towards a greener future.

André Schwämmlein, CEO of Flix

The company recently launched the first commercial line running entirely on rapeseed (colza) Oleo100 biodiesel in France, which reduces CO2 emissions by almost 70% and fine particle emissions by up to 80%. 

About Flix

Flix is pioneering the public transport sector by offering climate-friendly alternatives for convenient and affordable travel via the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, Flix has quickly established Europe’s largest long-distance bus network and swiftly moved on to a global expansion including the United States, Canada, and Brazil. As a trailblazer for sustainable traffic Flix operated the first green long-distance trains in 2018, initiated a pilot project for all-electric long-distance buses in 2018 and launched EU’s first biogas-powered long-distance buses in 2021. 

While Flix handles technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing and sales, quality management and continuous product expansion, trusted Flix-partners maintain the daily route operations. The unique combination of technology start-up, e-commerce platform and classic transport company has positioned Flix as a leader against major international corporations, permanently changing the global mobility landscape. For more information, visit corporate.flixbus.com