Have you ever traveled to FlixLand? Buckle up, we’ll take you there!

In the past three years, we’ve heard it so many times: remote working makes everyone happier.

But does it, really? 

Here at Flix we do our best to make sure everyone’s work-life balance is preserved and encouraged, promoting a trust-based relationship between company and employees, so that everyone can manage their time based on their needs. MicrosoftTeams-image (13)

But there is one thing we truly believe in: you can only create a team by bringing people together. A company’s culture is built on its values and the relationships these values encourage to establish and cultivate. To do that, people need to spend time together, grab a coffee, share lunch breaks, have an after-work drink. Put in simple words, people need to be people. 

No surprise then why we take every occasion we have to make sure our teams get together, and not just for work. One of our values – we call them Flix4 is indeed very clear: we win together. That means that we also celebrate together, and we do it big.


Flixland_C-Level on stage

So, when our 10-year anniversary hit, we thought… what better occasion than our recurrent Summer Party for some epic celebrations? That’s how we’ve come up with the idea of FlixLand, a dream-festival destination where we could finally get back together and create incredible memories, as a team.


Flix4 Values





MicrosoftTeams-image (12)We invited all Flixies based across Europe to a 3-day get-away in Ferropolis, Germany, from the 6th to the 8th of July. The result? One thousand Flixies, coming from 24 different countries, having an incredible time together and celebrating our tremendous ten years of growth, passion and resilience. An opportunity to live our brand to the fullest - 80% of the attendees arrived by FlixBus – and push our boundaries – which is another of our values – we went camping for the full festival experience – and had loads of fun!

FlixLand was set up over a 60.000 sq m area and featured two separate zones, one dedicated to our glamping facilities, FlixCamp, and one for the festival ground, FlixTown, conceived to make sure everyone would have a great time!


You will now probably be wondering how long it took to create all of this. Well, FlixLand’s preparation took over 4 months of hard work, from concept to execution, with 50 event staff members on site. A very complex project, but the results definitely made it all worth it!

FlixLand’s numbers in a nutshell…



Games, parties, culture: FlixLand, a once in a lifetime experience


Flix_group pic from above

MicrosoftTeams-image (11)Day 1 was all about welcoming Flixies and getting into the festival atmosphere with a cozy barbeque at the beach.

On day 2, people had the opportunity to engage in several different activities to better embrace our Culture and Values. From Archery and DIY Crafts to the QuizTrophy, which empowered people to have an impact, to adrenaline alternatives that encouraged Flixies to push their boundaries, like a Quick Jump or the High Rope course.

Flixland_bus pulling

And then also Painting and Juggling workshops, along with the Wilderness one, that’d help reflect on the importance of building for generations. Last but not least, all the games that would reinforce the team spirit, like the water activities and the playground, along with a very special bus-pulling where Flixies had the opportunity to prove what winning together means!

But as we said, not only we win together but we also celebrate together. So, the perfect ending to this incredible event could not but be an all-night-long party hyped up by DJ sets of both Flixies who volunteered, a band, and the incredible David Puentez who set the crowd on fire!


Now you’re probably thinking that what happens in FlixLand stays in FlixLand. Well, nope. We are still so excited that we want to share this incredible time with everyone.

So have a seat, buckle up, and come to FlixLand with us!